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car rental icelandOne of the most unique travel destinations in the world is Iceland. Many tourists come to there with a plane. Some visitors from Denmark use ferry service which take about two-days. Once you arrive in Iceland, you might think how to get around there. There are a few ways to explore Iceland: hitchhiking, bicycling, car rent, and local tour flights. An affordable way to get you the best experience in Iceland is by renting a car via a car rental Iceland firm. You can find car rental Iceland on Iceland airports. Renting a car in Iceland does not cost you much even it is not as cheap as hitchhiking. Howeever, with services that car rental Iceland offers, you will get better experince enjoying more sightseeing tours which you can see in the tourist information centers, compare with hitchhiking.

Iceland car rental tips

Here are some tips for save your money while finding a car throught car rental Iceland:

Search online

You can use google to search the cheapest a car from a car hire in Iceland. Once, you get it, book it because many car rental company offer a discount if a customer booking via their website. The discount vary for each car rental firm.

Find a car rent at Keflavik International Airport

Time to go to Keflavik International Airport approximately is an hour from Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city.

Do not pay for extra insurance

You will tell by the agent that you do not need to pay the theft insurance since car theft rated in Iceland is low.

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Fuel factor

In almost any Europe countries, the gas price is expensive. The price per gallon is in about EUR 5. But, keep it in mind, the gas is sold per liter not per gallon.

The off-season

In the low season, car rent cost can be more 50-percent cheaper.

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