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Cheap car rental Gold Coast airport

cheap car rental gold coast airportIf you aim to travel directly towards the Surfer’s Paradise from the Gold Coast Airport, also known as the Coolangatta Airport, you are at a loss. Being located in the heart of beautiful resorts, the Gold Coast Airport has cheap car rentals to provide you with an exquisite view of the Coolangatta Beach. Ranging from Budget, Thrifty to Europcar, you will find cheap car rentals. A ride via Rainbow Bay towards the different local handicrafts vendors available on the weekends adds to the fun. National parks like Lamington and Nightcap dominate the area.

Cheap car rental at Gold Coast airport

With an afternoon cocktail in the Kingscliff region, you might spend the weekend with the utmost calm and serenity. The Gold Coast Airport provision of cheap car rentals is merely the perfect destination for those who are travelling from interstate. It provides a tranquilatmosphere for tired travellers and a favourable checkpoint for adventure seekers.

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