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Best car rentals in Australia

Australia is such a beautiful, fascinating and a unique country that it’s a good idea to rent a car and explore the beauty of this amazing place. Even if your stay is short, you can still enjoy little road trips as Australia has got something for all. There are a lot of attractions within the country which include both man made and natural wonders. Best car rentals in Australia can be a bit expensive, but it would be real fun if you have the right information and know the right place.

car rentals australiaWhen renting the car, you surely want to look in each and every aspect and rent it from the best service providers. If you have a dreamworld full of clear waters, green lagoons and white sand beaches, then Brisbane is the right place for you. Here are the top car rentals Australia – For Long Trips – For all the people who are looking for fun. excitement, adventure and want to enjoy the beauty of the nature by making a long stay in the beautiful country, here are a few long trip rentals which are economic with best customer services.

Australia car rentals tips

The Great Southern Touring: This is a 900 Km tour which goes through Australia’s best natural attractions and ends up in the city of Melbourne. You can actually feel the history and culture of this amazing place by taking a glance at some of the most historic towns along the coast. You can also experience Australia’s finest crystal water beaches along with the rural areas.

The Matilda Highway Rentals: You can rent a car from the main city of Brisbane and go on a tour on the Matilda highway. It a 2,745 Km long journey which will take you to some of the most isolated areas in Australia. You start off from Sydney and end up in the north city of Matilda. It is an economic rental which is full of beauty and elegance.

Avis Rentals: Avis car rentals Australia is the biggest car renting service in Sydney and can provide you with a large variety of cars at an affordable rate. You can even customize your pick up and drop off and the best part is that it is all online.

Thrifty Car Rentals: Thrifty car rentals can provide you with any type of cars including the trucks which are suited for long journeys. The prices are low as compared to major service providers. The customer care services and the friendly nature of the staff is worth the money spent.