Car rentals Insurance

Car rental insurance

car rental insuranceThe optional car rental insurance coverage for car rentals is almost always unnecessary and highly wasteful. However, it can come in handy when insurable risks occur. Most people have, at best, only a rough idea about insurance.

Car rental insurance tips

Here are some tips to follow when renting a car:

  • Ask your insurance representative if your credit card and/or insurance policy covers a rental car- and the extent of the coverage. For example, collision may be covered; but not theft.
  • Purchase a non-owner car insurance policy that covers rental cars; if you haven’t got a car.
  • If your policy doesn’t cover rental cars, find out how much a rental insurance rider costs (it compliments the coverage of your personal policy).
  • Make a claim for coverage since your personal auto insurance or credit card can sometimes cover damages to the vehicles.
  • Always find out the conditions under which your personal policy covers rentals. Coverage may not be available during business trips and may be limited when the vehicle is being rented long-term.

Even after following the above guidelines, it is always advisable to consult an insurance agent or professional if you are unsure of certain car rental insurance details.

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