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If you are either an international visitor traveling to Italy or an Italian citizen needing to rent a car in Italy, there are some Italy car rental deals which will proof useful to you. All people are entitled to have a cheap andpleasant car rental experience. For this reason, you will find excellent Italy car rental deals in this article. There are some important points that you should take into account when renting a car in Italy. First of all, you should book in advance to find cheaper rates. You should also be over 18 years old and have owned your driver´s licence for at least a year to be legally allowed to rent a car in this country.

italy car rental dealsThere are many car rental companies offering its services for people wishing to hire a car in Italy. Moreover, there are certain websites which search and compare rental fees from several car hire firms. For instance, in there is the possibility of searching a database with over 45 Italy car rental company deals depending on the city you will pick up the car from and the days you will be using it. It is estimated that people who use this service will save up to 40% in car rentals compared to individuals who contact individual car rental firms.They also have special 50% discount offers. is also a meta-car rental searching engine which will provide a useful database with many firms that offer car rental service. It has a few advantages like not having credit card fees and it has a 48 hours free cancellation so you won´t be penalized if you decide not to hire its service.

Car rental companies in Italy

Car rental company Hertz offers a great deal for students over age 19 (and 23 for UK). They get a 15% discount off cars and 20% discount off van rentals in Italy.

In conclusion, the best way to find Italy car rental deals is to go to websites like the ones listed in this article. In them, you will find the best prices from the best car rental firms which offer this service in Italy.